About Us


It is our great honor to extend to you the following definition of our institution.

I. Introduction:

We have the honor to report that AlKhaled Shipping and Trading Services is one of the shipping companies that manage the shipping, air and land transport between Egypt and all over the world through all logistic operations. Al-Khalid Company develops cargo services in line with the requirements of its distinguished customers. This can be achieved only by studying the objectives of our customers related to their internal and external requirements, through our branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the network of agents in different countries of the world.


Air freight issued / received
Sea freight issued / incoming
Customs clearance issued / incoming of all kinds
Door to door service
Receiving service from supplier’s warehouse with quality review and shipment review.
Internal Land Transport
Packaging according to standards and excellent standards and through specialized experts.
Storage Service (General Customs Warehouses) Internal Distribution.
Cargo Insurance Service.
Inspection and evaluation service
Provision of handling equipment.
The service of providing import card and register of exporters to customers
Administration :

Based on its offices, agents and partners all over the world, Al-Khalid Cargo and Trading Services employs a trained team of shipping professionals who follow all shipping movements entrusted to us. With the help of the international agents network, our aim is to be a reliable company to provide the desired service to our customers.

the quality :

Quality Our business vocabulary can not be optional but it is a necessity to be able to sustain and succeed in the face of fierce competition. We must offer that level of quality which leads to the satisfaction of our customers. Something that can not be accessed without providing a distinct level of service quality.

– Al-Khalid Shipping and Trading Services provides the lowest air or sea freight prices issued or received. Our company enjoys excellent agreements with all shipping lines and aviation partners as a result of its reputation at the public level.


Sea freight is one of the main pillars of the international transport system. In this sense, our company has a team of specialists dealing with various types of goods.

Air Freight :

Sensitive shipments and value must be treated very special in terms of schedules. Therefore, our air freight is processing a work plan for each customer in accordance with the conditions of its shipment and requirements to ensure the high quality of service.

Customs clearance :

Our Clearance Team provides all means to carry all the ports to ensure that the required shipping documents are available, both inbound and outbound, to ensure the safety of the clearance process and to avoid depletion of time and money due to any delay.

In addition to the basic freight forwarding services, AlKhaled Shipping and Trade Services provides cargo services for general cargo, charter and cargo.