Moving furniture

AlKhaled Corporation is one of the best companies in the field of transporting and packing furniture and goods

International shipping companies in Egypt – Shipping from Egypt to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan and Libya


AKhaled International Cargo Services is a professional importer of wooden boxes for transportation or storage

Packaging & Shipping Antiques & Antiques Crystal Products

AL KHALED has skilled technicians in dismantling, installing and packing all kinds of furniture

Technicians remove and remove packaging materials on the same delivery day

AlKhaled Foundation provides adhesive tapes, white paper for packaging, and plastic rolls with bubbles

Various sizes and other packing tools and accessories

Al  Khaled Foundation is the best company for packing and shipping computer parts and electronics

And precious ceramic artifacts

All kinds of furniture, personal belongings and precision equipment

Transportation and packaging of offices and companies and the transfer of international exhibitions

Charging all musical instruments
AlKhaled Foundation will study the cost of packaging and transport and then offer it to the customer to confirm the price and commitment

The AlKhaled Foundation will list and prepare a list of furniture and movable items through an inventory of movables

We are pleased and honored to answer any queries concerning the transfer of furniture and goods
household appliance
Shipping, transportation, customs clearance and customs clearance from Egypt to Saudi Arabia
Fastest shipping companies from Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar
Best international shipping companies to transport furniture and goods from all over the world to Egypt
AlKhaled Shipping and Export Corporation for internal and external transport and full and partial shipments to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.