Land shipping

AlKhaled Foundation is the best land freight company in Egypt

AlKhaled Foundation is working to modernize the fleet of land freight on a permanent basis and it is honored to provide land freight trips starting from 12,50 m to 15 m and width 2,50 m and height of the sides 2,50 m and the maximum load of 30 tons there are containers with dimensions ranging from 12 m until 19 The width is 2,60 m and the height of the sides is 3 m. There are refrigerators in the fridge length of 12,50 m and 13,60 m and the width of 2,45 m and the load up to 30 tons we have tractors of Egypt length 15 m and load 120 tons – we have the ability to work contracts Long and large contracts – international road transport contracts for cement and iron transport – inland and international land transportation contracts for the transfer of rock salt for melting ice – international road freight contracts Silica Sand Transport Specialized in packaging of furniture, antiques, antiques & antiques in safety & craftsmanship. The best international airlines & regular marine navigation at lower prices than the market. There are trailers & refrigerators to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia & Algeria. Auto Education

We provide partial shipping to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Libya.

Photos from the company fleet

Heavy Transport