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AlKhaled Establishment is one of the best import and export companies in Egypt

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We provide import card service and export register for customers

Best Import & Export Companies in Egypt

The AlKhaled Foundation imports and exports Chinese products to the Arab countries. The most important concern of the AlKhaled Foundation is the convenience of the customer.
It is one of the best import and export companies in Egypt. Al-Khaled Corporation deals with major companies in China which enjoy a good reputation and serve the importer. The company also has import offices from Turkey and all countries. the world .
How to import from China

Due to the high demand of importers on Chinese goods, AlKhaled provides import service from China to its customers at special prices to compete through its representative offices spread in China and has a team of highly experienced in the field of import and export. From China, where the AlKhaled Foundation imports from China all the commodities needed by the Egyptian market, which has a strong demand from the Egyptian importer in particular and the Arab importer in general.

Factories of China

AlKhaled Corporation deals with the major factories of China, which attracts all importers all over the world. Therefore, AlKhaled Foundation is keen to consolidate its relationship with these factories through its representative offices in all cities of China and AlKhaled Foundation. Al-Khalid is very keen to select China’s factories which have a reputation and a good reputation that serve the importer right. AlKhaled Foundation has the best import offices from China. Since many are asking about import from China, import companies from China, N, Trade in China AlKhaled provides its services and technical advice free of charge to its valued customers because our goal is the convenience of the importer and his interest in the first place.


Al Khaled Foundation is proud to offer its expertise in the export of vegetables and fruits to all countries of the world and the Gulf
“AlKhaled Foundation is ready to export and import all Egyptian products”
For the third party to any place in the world land – sea – air against commission of the value of the invoice with documentation of all documents

From invoices, package statement, certificates of origin and certificates of documentation, if any, from your warehouse to the external port

Or from store to store all over the world

It is worth mentioning that it possesses expertise and previous transactions in the field of cement and ceramics

This is what makes it specialized in the field of exporting building materials to the markets of Libya and Sudan as it has cement agencies in all factories

Import from all over the world and all necessary local market for the company or for others
And import for the account of third parties for a commission agreed upon and delivery after customs clearance at the location determined by the client.