• Fastest shipping company in Egypt

    Al- khaled Foundation offers the fastest and safest shipping service in Egypt, indoor and outdoor

  • Specialized in customs clearance

    We provide all means to ensure that the required shipping documents are ready
    Whether exported or imported to ensure the safety of the clearance process
    And to avoid wasting time and money as a result of any delay

  • Lowest price and top quality

    We offer the lowest air or sea freight prices issued or incoming while maintaining the highest quality
    Our company enjoys excellent agreements with all shipping lines and aviation partners
    As a result of its reputation at the public level

  • Packing, storage and insurance services

    We provide full export, import, inspection, evaluation, packaging, storage and insurance services
    And internal distribution in accordance with excellent standards and through specialized experts...

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We are honored to inform you of the latest trips and services of Al-Khaled Company..
New shipping, import and export operations.

Our services

Depending on our offices, our agents and our partners around the world.
AlKhaled Foundation offers a lot of excellent services in the field of shipping, import and export.
For more information contact us: 01091641113

Import and Export We provide import and export services, import card and export register for customers
Air freight Our air freight is equipped with a customer service plan in accordance with the conditions of shipment
Sea freight We have a team of specialists dealing with shipping requirements to ensure high quality
land shipping Door to door service for road freight, personal luggage and retail
Customs clearance We provide all means to ensure that shipping documents are ready to ensure the safety of the clearance process
Packing of goods We pack packaging internationally to ensure the safety of shipments and their safe arrival to other country
Storage of goods We use modern and intelligent warehouses to ensure the best quality for storing goods in complete safety
Moving furniture We provide closed cars and packaging accessories for the transportation of furniture, personal belongings and household appliances

Best quality and lowest price

Quality Our business vocabulary can not be optional but it is a necessity to be able to sustain and succeed in the face of fierce competition.
We must offer the level of quality that leads to the satisfaction of our customers, can not be reached without providing quality excellence.
AlKhaled Shipping & Trading Services offers the lowest prices of air or sea freight issued or received since our company enjoys excellent agreements.
With all shipping lines and airlines as a result of our good reputation at the public level.

's Last trip

We appretiate working on this trip
Flight No. 338 to the Republic of Sudan.

AlKhaled Shipping & Trading Est. Is one of the shipping companies that manages the shipping traffic by air, land and land.
Between Egypt and all over the world by carrying out all logistic operations where AlKhaled Corporation develops freight services in line with the requirements of its customers.
This can be achieved only by studying the objectives of our customers related to their internal and external requirements, through our branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the network of agents in different countries of the world.
For more information contact us: 01091641113

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